Caleffi is the leading Italian manufacturer of high-quality components for heating, conditioning and plumbing systems and supplier of high performance hydronic solutions. In 1961, Caleffi started up in Gozzano, in the Italian province of Novara. The company initially manufactured brass and steel fittings and accessories for other valve manufacturers. Very quickly, however, thanks to a strong sales organisation, the reference market changed and production followed suit. The new business was in Caleffi brand finished products for sale through heating and plumbing wholesalers.

Caleffi 549 SEP4

In the SEP4 hydraulic separators ferrous impurities are captured by a concentrated magnetic field created by a stack of nedimium magnetic rods, rare-earth magnets positioned inside a brass dry-well which is below the flow stream. Non-magnetic dirt particles are separated by colliding with an internal element in the flow stream and settling to the bottom. The deep collection chamber keeps the dirt from re-entering the flow stream. The dirt and ferrous impurities are flushed out even while the system is still running, by removing the magnets and opening the purge valve.


Caleffi 5463 DIRTMAG

The dirt separating action performed by the DIRTCAL is based on using the internal element with concentric diamond pattern mesh surfaces instead of a mechanical filter. It efficiently removes the particles to as small as 5 μm (0.2 mil) with very low head loss. The dirt collection chamber at the bottom of the DIRTCAL® is at the optimal distance from the inlet and outlet connections to ensure that the collected dirt particles are not affected by the swirling flow through the mesh element. The versatile DIRTMAG® magnetic dirt separator continuously removes both magnetic and non-magnetic particles.



Electronic mixing valve with optional selectable programs for thermal disin- fection of hot water recirculation system to kill Legionella bacteria. The LEGIOMIX® electronic mixing valve provides precise temperature control over very low and very high flow rate demand, minimal pressure drop with a ball valve control element, automatic self-cleaning to prevent scale formation and easy-to-use digital interface with data logging, alarming and status indication. The LEGIOMIX® electronic mixing valve is furnished with a controller with LCD user interface that provides a set of programs to kill Legionella and is configurable by keypad, local or remote computer. Temperature levels and operation times can be programmed as desired.