Cash Acme valves have been the industry touchstone for more than a century. Our full catalogue of plumbing products includes thermostatic, temperature, and regulating valves, all manufactured and rigorously tested to ensure that our customers aren’t just purchasing water control valves, but the quality and reliability they can expect from the Cash Acme name.

In 1893, A.W. Cash designed a valve for U.S. Navy submarines. With the bottom of the sea as his testing ground, the valve became celebrated for its performance, reliability and dependability. Today, with more than 100 million valves produced and counting, every water control valve we manufacture is born from its DNA. Owned by Reliance Worldwide Corporation, the world’s leader in push to connect plumbing fittings and specialist water control valves, we are the world’s largest volume T&P valve producer. Still known for their performance and durability, Cash Acme’s quality water control valves are internationally trusted to safeguard water delivery in residential, commercial and industrial settings.

Cash Acme Pressure Relief Valves

Cash Acme has been manufacturing pressure regulating valves (PRVs) to help regulate downstream pressure for more than 100 years. Each water pressure regulator is tested for quality and efficiency before leaving our factory.

The EB25 brings state-of-the-art water control technology to pressure regulators. The biggest breakthrough is the simple numerical indicator that allows the exact desired pressure to be set even before the valve is installed, making pressure adjustment a quick, one-man job.


Cash Acme HG 135

The HG135 is a sleek and compact point of use mixing valve designed to assist in the prevention of scalding. It features a superior, fast acting thermostatic element that provides stable operation at flow rates as low as .25 gpm.

The Heatguard 135 also reduces the outlet flow to a trickle in the event of a cold water supply failure. The valve inlets and outlet connections are standard 3/8″ supply line compression connections for use with 3/8″ OD tube. The inlets of the valve feature check valves to prevent cross contamination as well as servicable strainer screens to prevent the valve from being clogged with dirt or debris. Each valve includes a purpose built mounting bracket and hardware to neatly and securely fasten the valve to the wall. The compact design and pleasant aesthetics allow for this valve to easily be fit under or behind a single basin. Adj. outlet temperature range: 100 – 120oF (38-49oC).

It fits perfectly mounted below any residential sink or commercial sensor faucet.