EndoTherm is an award winning central heating additive which is independently proven to reduce heating consumption by up to 15%. EndoTherm has recently won theĀ 2016 CIBSE: Building Performance Awards, Energy Saving Product of the Year.

EndoTherm is installed into any water based heating system at a 1% concentration. With a quick easy install, zero maintenance and proven longevity, EndoTherm is an ideal solution to reduce the heating bills within your school.

EndoTherm is also 100% organic, this means the embodied carbon (carbon used to manufacture the chemical) is very low. A typical EndoTherm installation will offset this embodied carbon in just 1 day!


Endotherm works by reducing the surface tension of water. As the fluid moves through the pipe it passes over millions of microscopic abrasions and vacuums in the pipe. With Endotherm injected into the system the heated fluid is able to work its way into each abrasion in the pipe.

As the surface area touching the interior of the pipe increases so to does the efficiency and effectiveness of the thermal transfer.

With over a dozen case studies in Canada and around the world, Endotherm is a powerful solution that will allows commercial and residential boilers to increase their efficiency up to 15% and beyond.