ENERVEX Inc. is a global leader in the design and supply of demand-controlled mechanical draft and exhaust systems with a focus on innovation, design and environmental sustainability.

Based in Alpharetta, Georgia (suburb to Atlanta) ENERVEX operates in a number of countries with the emphasis on USA, Canada, Central American and the Middle East.

ENERVEX markets the most extensive portfolio of residential and commercial demand-controlled exhaust systems available. The company’s global business is 70% commercial – offices, healthcare, education, sports facilities, multi-family and mixed-use buildings, hotels and resorts – and 30% residential.

ENERVEX Ultimate Venting System

Eliminate the design guesswork, support runaround, and limitations of a traditional, "pieced-together" venting system. The ENERVEX Ultimate Venting System (UVS) is the industry's only integrated chimney venting solution for boilers and water heaters with a UL system listing, combining all the products and accessories you'll need to complete a project:

1. Mechanical Draft System (fan-based)
2. Modulating Overdraft Control System (damper-based)
3. Modulating Combustion Air Supply System
4. Economizer (Vortex Heat Recovery System)
5. PowerStack Chimney System

All components are modular, yet built to work together seamlessly. No need to contact a chimney supplier, draft fan supplier, economizer supplier, and combustion air supplier separately.

1. Flexible, one-stop design eliminates guesswork
2. Guaranteed fit for all parts & components simplifies design
3. Seamless fittings & transitions make installation easy
4. Single point of responsibility saves time, hassle & cost
5. Highest-quality products means no inspection issues
Fit for any type of building, application or appliance


Building Exhaust System SV

An extremely good option for retrofitting, the ENERVEX Modulating Building Exhaust System™ (MBESV) is a demand-controlled ventilation system designed for multi-story buildings that have kitchen hoods, bathrooms or clothes dryers on multiple floors.

Rather than operating at full speed 24/7, the MBESV senses when no appliances are running and kicks into a very low speed. Once the appliance starts, the internal appliance fan creates pressure inside the duct, causing the fan to speed up.

1. Automatically controls fan speed based on current demand
2. Costs less to operate than a fixed-speed CAV system Extremely suitable for retrofitting
3. Rugged EFV exhaust fan with vertical discharge allows maximum flexibility
4. Discharges on the roof, making it easier to clean architectural vents
5. Quiet performance eliminates constant fan noise & noise from speed variations
6. Ability to combine ducts & reduce duct sizes cuts material & labor costs
7. Variable speed, direct-drive fans eliminate broken belts

The Enervex Exhaust Systems costs 55% less to operate than a fixed-speed CAV system
and saves up to 85% of the cost of exhausted conditioned air.