Established in 1954 as the original inventor of solvent cement for PVC pipe applications, IPS® Corporation has grown dramatically over the past 60+ years. Today, we are the most trusted manufacturer of rough plumbing and roofing supplies for the construction industry, as well as structural adhesives and solvent cements for a broad range of construction, industrial, and manufacturing applications. Our leading brands include WELD-ON®, WATER-TITE®, TEST-TITE®, GUY GRAY™, TRUEBRO®, STUDOR®, AB&A®, SCIGRIP®, and INTEGRA®.

Headquartered in California, IPS Corporation has operations throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. Our industry leading products are manufactured using state-of-the-art processes, and distributed throughout the world with the support of our wholesale and retail customers.

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In 1969, IPS Water-Tite standardized laundry connections with the first plastic Washing Machine Recessed Outlet Box. Today, the IPS Water-Tite product offers wide range of plastic labor saving specialty plumbing products. The breadth of the Water-Tite line delivers what the Plumber needs and wants.

With 1/4 turn valves and hammer arrestors, IPS makes some of the best boxes on the market.



The Test-Tite® Pressure Relief Pneumatic Test Plug is a patent-pending device designed for the purpose of testing or temporary blocking of plumbing DWV systems. Manufactured with a patent-pending pressure relief valve that is integrated into a glass-fillled nylon core for protection and extra rigidity in the field. The internal pressure relief device acts as a safety valve to reduce the chances of over inflation. The Pressure Relief Test Plug is designed to release excess pressure above the suggested inflation pressure, into the atmosphere rather than into the test area, thus reducing the possibility of over inflation or blowouts.