SharkBite manufactures plumbing systems for residential and commercial applications. For more than two decades, SharkBite has been at the forefront of innovating new products that solve problems and help the trade work more productively and efficiently. As the leader of push-to-connect plumbing, our solutions work across a wide range of applications, including new single family and multifamily home construction, repiping, remodel, service and repair work and water heater installations.

Better solutions make plumbing more efficient. SharkBite products eliminate the need for special tools, glue or solder, enabling faster installations with less risk of errors. The SharkBite system includes a wide range of fittings, PEX pipe, outlet boxes, valves and other plumbing accessories needed to plumb a potable water system from meter to fixture.

Sharkbite Fittings

Sharkbite is compatible with more than five types of pipe including PEX, copper, CPVC, PE-RT & HDPE. Transition fittings available for PVC and Polybutylene. It's so easy to use, a new Sharkbite connection is made every 2.5 seconds around the world.

With a 25 year warranty on every connection, Sharkbite stands behind the integrity of their product



The new SharkBite® EvoPEXTM system is the next evolutionary step in providing an advanced potable water system for safe and e cient water delivery throughout
the home. It is engineered to improve efficiency and enable plumbing contractors
to optimize install time with clean, leak-free installations. Plumb an entire home without needing special tools. No soldering, unions, clamps or glue is required, which means cleaner installations, less potential leak points and less time lost on the job. Just connect and move on with the new evolutionary SharkBite EvoPEX system.

With a clean green indicators you'll know when you've got a perfect connection made within seconds.