°STELPRO is a family-owned business established in Quebec for over 35 years, renowned in the electric heating industry, heating cables, ventilation (HVAC) and electronic controls. North American leader in its market, °STELPRO offers quality heating products designed and manufactured in Canada providing maximum performance, safety and innovative design.

°STELPRO employs more than 400 people in two manufacturing plants located in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville and Grand-Mere, Quebec, where over 800,000 heating units are produced yearly (electric baseboards, convectors, fan heaters, heating cables, etc.) and approximately 400,000 electronic controls, including electronic thermostats, meeting the highest performance standards in the industry.

Stelpro Maestro

Maestro, other most advanced smart thermostat to date, is designed to give you full control over uoru comfort. Thanks to its features and user-friendly mobile interface, you can now manage and personalize your home's heating easily and save on your electricity bill.

Anticipated start: Since it has access to weather data, Maestro takes into account the outside temperature to reach the desired temperature at the perfect time.

Group rooms into zones: You can set up zones (e.g., bedrooms or the basement) to make managing your heating even simpler.

The Maestro is the best thermostat build and design specifically for electric heating.


Stelpro Duct Heaters

Why consume up to 60,000 BTU when you only need 3,000? Our innovative new heating boot™ are revolutionary in the central heating business. This exclusive line of ECOBOOT™ is part of the duct heater family.

Installed at the outlet of air ducts to heat the air coming from the central system, they allow the temperature of the rooms in a home to be adjusted independently of one another, so as to be able to maintain a lower temperature in unused rooms and thereby save on heating costs. There are three models that will fill the most common assembly layouts in residential installations. All at once, your comfort has been increased!