The Quality Leader for over 60 years

The premium quality of every dahl valve and pipe hanging product is a promise we make, and a promise we keep, to all of our customers. Quality products and quality service are our only priority. Dahl quality is evident in the weight of our products. In many cases, the weight of our product is double that of others, so just by holding it in your hand, you can sense that Dahl products are superior.

100% North American

In the plumbing industry, sourcing of raw materials, parts, packaging and/or finished goods offshore is commonplace. dahl products are designed, engineered and manufactured in our Canadian facilities. We source our raw materials and components from the United States or Canada. This gives us control over product quality and on-time delivery to customers.

LifeTime Warranty

In order to warranty our products for a lifetime, quality is inherent. Dahl valves are guaranteed for as long as you own the property in which they were installed. Our products exceed CSA and IAPMO requirements.

The 1/4 Turn dahl mini-ball™ Valve

Dahl pioneered the 1/4-turn mini-ball™ valve for North American supply stops in 1984. Dahl mini-ball™ valves are available in thousands of configurations. Patented modular design allows for production of a valve for multiple plumbing and hydronic applications.

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