Here is what our clients are saying…

“We installed 3 Toto hand dryers about 1.5 years ago,  they have worked perfectly, they are quiet and we are very happy with them.”
Lila Bujold – Ramsay Worden Architects Ltd.

OmegaFlex TracPipe
“By using TracPipe over traditional black-iron pipe I save 50% on installation time. TracPipe is easier to cut than other CSST products and the fittings are easy to install with no leaks.”
– Steve Jollimore – Integrated Mechanical

Amerec Steam Generators
“Amid the sea of companies and products that routinely rank anywhere from a headache to a nightmare for consumers, a very small handful stand out as a refreshing exception. Thank you for being one of those.

I bought an Amerec steam generator many years ago, probably around 20 or so ago, and every now and then, when I go into my steam room, I consciously think about how this machine has worked so flawlessly for all those years. For anything with sensitive electronic controls or anything that uses water-to say nothing of both-that’s a pretty good report!”
– Larry Hallock

Schier Grease Interceptors
“The three different direction outlet options on Schier grease interceptors allow for versatility in my designs, and with installations. I have specified Schier grease interceptors for dozens of my projects across Canada over the past two years, and have had no problems with the product.”
– Jason Gregor, Mechanical Designer – Williams Engineering

Schier Grease Interceptors
“Schier grease interceptors are used almost exclusively by our service division because of the how simple they are to install. The field adjustable riser system, and built-in flow control device save my crews at least five hours per installation when compared to equivalent competitors’ high flow units. I also like that Schier is stocked locally, which is critical to the success of many projects that must be completed within tight timelines.
– David Klaeboe, Service Manager – Daryl-Evans Mechanical

Schier Grease Interceptors
“I like Schier grease interceptors because of the field adjustable riser system, and because of the lifetime warranty. Constructions schedules can also be shortened because they are stocked locally. I recommend Schier grease interceptors to mechanical engineers, and to contractors who are looking for a high quality product that will last.”
– Paul Duong, Project Manager – Bycar Engineering