BC Plumbing Lead Free Regulations

by | Feb 21, 2014 | Announcements

There is a lot of confusion over the upcoming lead free code changes here in British Columbia (BC). We have talked with the Senior Codes Administrator for Housing & Construction Standards (Province of British Columbia) and created a FAQ help clarify a few items. Now remember they could not give us 100% clear answers because the provincial legislation has not been finalized yet, but they gave us all the information they could.

Q: Is there a set date when these laws will come into effect?
A: No, most likely the last quarter of 2014.

Q: Will these laws be effective for all of Canada?
A: No, there is no Federal legislation regulating plumbing. It will all be done at the provincial level.

Q: Who will be enforcing these regulations?
A: The local plumbing inspectors, once the code goes into effect.

Q: What needs to be lead free in the plumbing / heating systems?
A: The short answer is basically anything that comes in contact with potable water

Q: What sections of the code will the lead free regulations effect?
A: For more information please read this article.

Q: How will past jobs be grandfathered?
A: Generally when changes like this take effect jobs that already have a permit will be grandfathered on the past codes, because all of the bidding/specifications are based on old products. This is not set in stone, once the announcement is made we will know exactly.

Q: How many months will we have to prepare for these regulations?
A: From the date the announcement is made, there will be approximately 6 months before it will be enforced.

For a more detailed presentation on the topic please view the PDF below from the CIPH.

pdf-icon-smallCIPH Lead Free Presentation

Is there anything we missed? Please call me to discuss (604-916-9196) and I will do my best to get clarification from the regulators.

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