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Magnetic separation isn’t just a bunch of hullabaloo.

The Saskatoon Housing Authority was having some troubles with their boiler at the Russel Manor location, which eventually lead to a boiler replacement.

Prior to the design of the job, the engineer attended an educational hydronic seminar put on by Jody Samuel of Caleffi. Once the engineer understood how the DISCAL DIRTMAG Seperator worked he was adamant it be installed with the new boiler. The reason being is that he had specified Grundfos Magna Pumps and wanted to protect and maximize their lifespan.

We had an on-site meeting about 1 month post installation with both the engineer and facilities manager to do the first flush of the DISCAL DIRTMAG Seperator. Both of them were really blown away by the results. This separator can remove up to 2.5 times more ferrous impurities over a standard air and dirt separator.

The pictures below show the results. The first one shows coarse particles of non-magnetic dirt, that are separated by colliding with an internal element in the flow stream and settling to the bottom. The next two pictures show the magnetite that was captured by the magnet.

The DISCAL DIRTMAG Seperator uses a stack of neodymium rare earth magnets that creates a concentrated magnetic field and is able to separate extremely fine particles (see picture below). It is an air and dirt separator that removes both ferrous and non-ferrous impurities continuously. It can remove up to 100% of the ferrous impurities, including magnetite, that can form in a hydronic systems.

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