ACV Triangle Tube – Service and Maintenance

About the class:

ACV Triangle Tube’s Service and Maintenance Class is an 8.5 hour class focused on how to maintain and service Triangle Tube boilers. This course has a hands on component where you will learn to inspect and service the boiler.

Learning Outcomes:


– Prestige boiler component review
– Annual maintenance outline
– System piping inspection
– Combustion air review
– Vent and combustion air termination
– Inspection, removal and replacement of blower assembly, gas valve, and venture
– Inspection, removal and replacement of flue outlet riser and gasket
– Flue vent, combustion air and termination inspection
– Boiler system check
– Boiler fluid/chemistry requirements
– Start‐up and checkout procedures
– Burner review
– Cleaning the heat exchanger


8.5 Hours



About the instructor:

Christopher Turnbull is the Technical Support and Product Instructor, for ACV Triangle Tube. He works across North America instructing on the whole ACV Triangle Tube product range. Prior to his position at ACV Triangle Tube, Chris spent over 30 years working in the heating and air conditioning industry; including running his own business and working over a decade with the Philadelphia Local 420 Steam Fitters Union. With this experience, Chris is able to bring a factory-trained “technician perspective” into his seminars.


Equipco Ltd. Head Office
101 – 42 Fawcett Road
Coquitlam, British Columbia V3K 6X9

Times / Registration:

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*** Training is on a “first come, first served” basis. You will receive a written training confirmation from Equipco Ltd. to confirm your spot in the class.

*** We reserve the right to cancel the class 21 days (3weeks) prior to the scheduled date if we do not meet the attendance requirement.